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Welcome to your

Aloha April & Derwin

We are so excited that you chose Breathless Events to be a part of your wedding! Take some time to familiarize yourself with all the things in this Planning Portal.

This Planning Suite Portal is a customized website with (hopefully) everything we will need for your wedding planning. There is a LOT in here, and we are always adding more and making updates. You may see those pop-up from time to time but we will email you with any major changes.


Every wedding is different, but we always recommend starting the portal right at the top with the Planning Checklist. That will get you up to speed with what you need to be working on and the most important priorities.

From there, begin using the Budget Tracker and Guest RSVP tracker.

After you have started on those documents, skim through all of your resources so that you know what there is and where to find it when questions arise.


  • Familiarize yourself with what is in the portal, the documents you have to fill out, and the ones that are optional.

  • Use the resources in your portal to plan as much of your wedding as possible.

  • Hire your vendors and remember to loop in your planner when booking any vendors.

  • Upload vendor contracts to your Contracts Folder as you hire.

  • Add photos to your Inspo folder (with descriptions of what you like about them!) before your 6-week check-in call.




  • Planning Checklist: We will use this keep us on track! Watch the chart turn blue as things are completed.

  • Planning Calendar: To help keep us all on the same page, we like to use the shared calendar for all wedding related appointments and payments.

  • Budget Tracker:

  • RSVP Tracker & Seating: Track responses, meal selections, important health information, and assign seats for the reception.

  • Vendor Contracts - Upload your vendor contracts to the vendor contracts folder so that I will have all details on hand for your wedding.

  • Wedding Timeline - Your Timeline Genius link is a collaboration that we will work on together.

  • Contacts:

  • Inspo Folder

  • All the details

  • Décor Instructions



  • Vendor Hiring Guide

  • Vendor Recommendations

  • BE Décor Rentals

  • Steps to getting your Marriage License in MA

  • Gratuity Guide

  • Alcohol Buying Calculator




Please complete these documents in the month before your wedding!

  • Unforeseen Wedding Day Expenses

  • What would You Do?

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